FloLight Stretches the MicroBeam 1024 Even Further

FloLight was at NAB 2012. They are the company that makes the MicroBeam 1024. What they have done is taken all the good things about the MicroBeam 1024, and made it into a slimmer rectangular shape.

The newly shaped light is called MicroBeam 1024LP. The LP stands for “low profile”. It is designed to give you everything that the MicroBeam 1024 has, but in a more accessible form. You can use the MicroBeam 1024LP in places that the original cannot be used because of the shape of the original light. It is designed to be used in rooms that have low ceilings, in conference rooms, or anywhere else that does not give you enough space to use a 1 x 1 light in.

The new MicroBeam 1024LP has the same features as the MicroBeam 1024. The only difference is that the LP version is easier to use in a smaller space. This allows people who are working on a professional filming project to choose the version that fits best into their production without having to sacrifice any features. The MicroBeam 1024 and the MicroBeam 1024LP the same, except for their sizes.

Features of the MicroBeam 1024 and MicroBeam 1024LP

* Equivalent of a 1000W “Hot Light”
* Offers both high light output and a high CRI
* The CRI of the Daylight version is 93
* Choose from Daylight version (~5600K) or Tungsten version (~3200 K)
* Both versions have Spot (~30º Beam) and Flood (~60º Beam) available
* Full dimming control
* They are 1024 Ultra Bright Daylight LEDs
* The LED lights are rated at 25,000 hours
* Mounting Yoke
* Optional V-Mount battery adapter
* External 12 VDC Input
* 110 – 240 VAC Power adapter included
* Slide-on filter holder and slide on Barndoors are sold separately
* Uses only 100W of energy