Fitness Technologies Waterproof Video Solutions

This year Fitness Technologies has introduced a new line of waterproof video cameras designed for rugged outdoor use.  The first is a helmet-mountable camera that is perfect for a sport like mountain biking.  There is also a mini camera that fits into a waterproof case, as well as one that is actually built with a waterproof housing.  The latter two are made with scuba divers in mind and they are small enough to mount on something like a wrist strap.  The cameras retail for $200 to $250 and are available now.

You can see all three cameras in the video below, plus you can get a look at a pair of tiny waterproof MP3 player and a new line of diving flashlights.  You can find more about these and other products by visiting Fitness Tech USA.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine.

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