Feedair Adds a Ticker to Your iPhone or Android

Andy McCaskey discovered a cool little piece of hardware as he was roaming the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last month.  The device is called Feedair (pronounced “Feeder”) and it adds your own personal ticker to your mobile device.  Once the app is installed on your handset, and the device is connected, you can set it on your desk, nightstand, or wherever and it will display the most important information coming in on our device from all of the constantly updating services we all use.  The app also provides automatic check-in, so if another person in your office is also using it you will receive a message when he or she enters the office, without any interaction from either party.

The Feedair device retails for $50 and it won a Best of CES 2012 award.  It’s available in several colors and you can find out more by visiting Feedair on the web, and also watching the video below.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News and RV News Net.

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