iOnRoad Demoing iOS Protoype at CES

iOnRoad today announced that they will demoing their new iOS prototype app this week as CES.  The iOnRoad app claims to help drivers with in-car use of  cell phones by enabling “mobile technology use in cars – smartphone cameras and sensors can be harnessed to provide a safer driving experience for all of us.”

There is already an Android version of the app, but this will be the first time it takes a spin on iOS.  The app helps the driver pay attention to the road by using your device’s camera to watch the road in front of you.  The app will be available for demo at CES beginning today and running through Thursday.  If you can’t make it to Las Vegas then you can check out the preview video they released, which is posted below.

You can download the Android version now, or wait for the iOS app, which is coming in February.  The app is free on Android, and we assume the iOS version will be the same.  You can find out more by visiting iOnRoad.