Exclusive Interview with GoDaddy CEO over SOPA

This morning having saw the press release of GoDaddy reversing their decision on supporting SOPA, I wanted to get more information on their decision. Press Releases can be pretty generic, and I wanted to get a voice behind the decision. Warren Adelman GoDaddy CEO Takes about 10 minutes with me to talk about their position. If you have comments on the commentary, please feel free to email president@godaddy.com

Disclaimer: GoDaddy has been a sponsor of my podcast now for 6 years. Note: I have been a strident opponent of SOPA as my audience well knows. I addressed this last night in my show before the reversal announcement came out. I have found GoDaddy to be very responsive to my listeners when they have issues with their GoDaddy services and still feel that way.

Listen to the interview in the player below.

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4 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview with GoDaddy CEO over SOPA

  1. I have to tell you that was a lack luster interview and you didn’t ask any questions that have not already been addressed but public record. Tell me – why in the hell is an internet company involved in legislation at all? Why are they exempt from future action – the tough questions were not asked, nor did he divulge any information that could glean deeper insight to their involvement and future rewards for their participation.

    Too many loose ends and our way of life depends on people understanding and supporting and defending the constitution of the United States.

    This is a sad time.

  2. Martin,

    You act like the reversal is a bad thing. Expecting every right decision from any company seems a little foolhardy. Godaddy reversing it’s position seems like a “good for consumer” decision. If a mistake is made, and then corrected, props should be given. Godaddy could be standing firm in support of SOPA still.

  3. Let’s see… Godaddy helps to craft the SOPA, writes a statement to Congress to advocate its’ passage, and then does a 180 degree shift only after it starts losing customers. The “apology” comes from the PR department (but does quote the CEO).

    I have a few dozen domains registered through Godaddy (using GeekNewsCentral promo codes), but their sudden change of heart sounds like a mere business decision to stanch the flood of disheartened customers rather than anything genuine. When the domains come due I’m voting with my wallet.

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