Desktop Embedded Wireless Charging by WiPower

Esbjorn Larsen took a look at a booth that was showing wireless charging pads and cases. This booth was partnership between multiple companies including Qualcomm Duracell Everwin and Gill Industry Their final product will be called WiPower. Each company plays a part in the development and distribution of the product. This shows how many companies end up getting involve just to get a product to market. Also why sometimes there are delays.

I believe that Qualcom is working on the wireless technology involve, Duracell the battery technology, Everwin the manufacturing process and Gill is a leader in innovative furniture production. They are looking to inbed the technology directly into desktops. I kind of wonder what they were doing at CES. I suspect they were looking for potential retail partners, but it wasn’t clear. The mats themselves looked potentially interesting. It would be nice to get rid of all the wiring and cables. However I don’t want to replace a bunch of cables with a bunch of pads.

I hope these pads and cases can be used with multiple manufacture’s devices, or I can have one large pad for my desk. I suspect these devices will not be out this year. When they do come out they will probably be at a different price point.

Interview by Esbjorn Larsen of

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