Barnes & Noble Nook Color

Nook colorAndy McCaskey visited the Barnes & Noble booth and took a look at the Nook Color. The Nook Color was created with content with a lot of color in mind, like magazine and children’s books. It is wifi enabled and has about 8 hours of continuous reading under wifi. It is a full color touch screen, it uses Vividview technology and has over 16 million colors on the display. The screen is 7 inch with a resolution of 1024 x 600. The screen is crisp and clear with 169 pixels per inch. It is backlit and the screen is coated to release glare.

You can also use the Nook to listen to audio books or music with the installed audio player. There are 8GB of memory enough for up to 6000 books and has a microSD slot and can extend up to 32GB of memory. The Nook color also includes some extras such as Pandora, Quickoffice and some games. It runs on the Android platform. The reviews of the Color Nook for the most part have been positive and the Nook line was Barnes & Noble’s best selling line in 2010.

It has gotten a lot of rewards including the CES 2011 People’s Choice Award for Last Gadget Standing. I took a look at the Barnes & Noble Nook Color at the local Best Buy and I was impressed. The screen seemed to be responsive to my touch. It was bright and the colors were crisp and clear. It is definitely worth a look.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News

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