Dish Offering HD Satellite TV on the Road

Jeffrey chats with Marcel at the Dish Network about HD satellite TV for RVs and tailgate parties. With thousands of channels on offer, even in the wilderness you can still get your TV fix.  The new pay-as-you-go subscriptions also mean you only have to pay while you are travelling and not sign up to long-term contracts.

And with the latest Winegard aeriels, it’s even possible to watch HD while the vehicle is in motion. Drivers, keep your eyes on the road, please!

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of The Geekazine Podcast.

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One thought on “Dish Offering HD Satellite TV on the Road

  1. Dish also offers the best, and most HD in the industry. I work for DISH and recently added an HDTV and HD Free for Life to my home setup. Everything from sports, cooking, news and much, much more is available. The best part is that DISH offers HD Free For Life to all it’s customers, unlike other satellite companies. Take a look at to get started!!

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