Zigbee Alliance: Helps You Control Your World

Andy talked to Kevin at the Zigbee Tech Zone. Zigbee tries to help people centrally and remotely control the devices in their homes and businesses. Zigbee creates a wide range of devices that work together intelligently to help you control your world. The devices work wirelessly together in a mesh network and are made to work in most western homes. They work either through ac outlet or batteries and use little power.

The devices are also created to work with the new smart meters. They include sensors/smart plugs, and displays. You can monitor your electric usage in almost realtime. This allows you to control your usage and save money over time. Zigbee not only creates products that can be used to control electric usage, but also home security, medical monitoring, home entertainment and even blind, drapery and shade controls. Zigbee continues to work with all levels of government and other industries to create a standard for these types of device.

As we use more and more devices in our homes and businesses, we need an easy way to control them both in the home or business and remotely. this is where Zigbee fits in

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News.

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