5 Firefox Add-ons You Must Have

If you use Firefox as your primary browser then you’re probably familiar with extensions (or add-ons).  There are an almost endless number of them available, but here are five that I find indispensable and I add whenever I set up a new PC.


Xmarks is, by far, my number one Firefox extension.  It’s simple, works across all platforms, and all browsers (not just Firefox).  It backs up your bookmarks and saved passwords and allows you to easily add them to a new browser or PC.  It also supports multiple profiles – for instance I have a set of bookmarks for my desktop and laptop, but a separate set for my HTPC.


Evernote is another of my favorites.  It’s great for taking notes – either by picture, text or verbally.  It’s compatible across multiple platforms and browsers, including all mobile operating system’s.  Save a note of any kind and it will sync online and be available anywhere else where you want to access it.

Download Helper

Download Helper is, per their web site:

DownloadHelper is also a free Firefox extension for downloading and converting videos from many sites with minimum effort.

It works very well for snagging  videos from multiple sites and it’s compatible with Windows, OS-X, and Linux.  It puts a simple icon in your Firefox toolbar and you can go from there.  I love browsing YouTube videos, saving them and then watching them via my HTPC on the big screen.

Web of Trust

Web of Trust is a great add-on that protects you from questionable links (yes, GNC has a perfect rating).  It puts an icon next to each result from your search as well as links on whatever wen site you are on.  Click the little icon and you will see the ratings for the particular site.  You can also add your own rating.  It gives a pretty darn good reference of what you are clicking on and how safe it is.


NoScript will cause all sorts of problems when you start using it!  Sorry, but that needed to be said first.  You need to be prepared to have your favorite sites broken.  And, by favorite, I mean pretty much everywhere you go on the web.  But, you can add the sites you trust and make them fully operable again.  Simply right-click anywhere on the page and you’ll see an option for NoScript.

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