Rim starting a blackberry podcast directory with a new app

Research in Motion has put out it’s own FREE podcast app for the Blackberry Smartphone. This is an exciting new development from RIM as this app is free where as the other blackberry podcast listening apps are pay or lousy (in my humble opinion).

The new app that is just called “Blackberry Podcast App” is available for BlackBerry® Bold™, BlackBerry® Curve™, BlackBerry® Pearl™, BlackBerry® Storm™, or BlackBerry® Tour™ smartphones and you can get it in the Appworld store or by going to blackberry.com/podcasts .

The podcasts that are available on the app are handled as a podcast directory so not every podcast you want to listen to is there. If you are a podcaster, you can have your show listed at the same address above. You will need to have a free account to add your podcast, but once you do, you will be listed in the directory. At the time of this writing, there were about 500 podcasts in the list so far.

It’s great to see that RIM and Blackberry are now supporting podcasting and even though Apple and Google are making big strides into the smartphone market, don’t count out blackberry as a contender!