Have You Tried Google Labs

I have to admit I like to try new things and am willing to take the risk that it entails. Which is why I love Google Labs. The lab contains experiments that Google believe have potential, but are not ready to release to the general public yet. If you decide to use a lab product, you need to be aware that it is just that an experiment. It may not work perfectly and it can be pulled at anytime, without notification. How long somethings stays in the lab, varies by product, some products spend years in the lab, while others either die or are released quickly. Google Reader and iGoogle are just two of many graduates of Google Labs. There are some Google products that have their own labs, such as Google mail and Google calendar. There are a couple of ways to get to Google Lab, the first is if you are in a Google product, you will find it under the more label, when you click on even more. The direct url for Google labs is www.googlelabs.com.

One of the lab products that I have been using lately is called Google Squared, this is a great tool if you want to organize a category. For example I love to try different cheeses, from around the world. Right now I am trying various blue cheeses, too keep track of what I have and have not tried I used Google Squared to create this chart. Obviously this is just an example, you can create a chart about any category. This one of dozen of lab products you can try from the Google Lab. With the advent of the Google android platform there are some lab products that are specific to that platform. Also there are a few lab products that are OS specific, so before you try to use a lab product make sure its available for the browser and os you use.

The one complaint I have about Google labs is that sometimes the products stay in the lab so long, you forget that they can be pulled at anytime. The product become a part of people’s work flow and when they do get pulled, it can cause quite an uproar. It is important to remember that a lab product can be pulled at anytime, never make a lab product a critical part of your work flow. If it is part of your work flow, have something to replace it or be able to do the work flow without it. Do you use Google Labs, if so what your favorite product?

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