EyeTV for the Iphone: Not Ready for PrimeTime


I have EyeTv installed on my mac mini, which allows me too watch TV on my computer. It works really well, so when I saw that EyeTv had an Iphone application, I had to download it. Unfortunately, I wish I had waited, the application needs some work before it will be worth the price.

Before you install the application on the iphone, you need to update your EyeTV application on your computer to the latest version. You also need to up date the software for the Turbo264 if you use it. Once you have done all updates, install the application on the Iphone. When you open up the application the first time, it will connect with the computer where you have your EyeTV installed and running. On networks with certain routers you may have to input your IP address. Sign in and your mac icon will appear on your EyeTV Iphone application. One of the biggest problem is that in order to use the EyeTV Iphone applications the EyeTV application on your Mac, must be active. This is not only true if you are streaming a live show, but also if you want to watch a recorded show. This means if you want to use the application, when you go on a trip you have to leave your computer running and the application open, or use a remote desktop application. This would be ok, if the application didn’t keep freezing up. Unfortunately it does, which means you have to reset the EyeTv application on your computer and also at times your router. Not really practical when you are away from home. The third problem is that at times it doesn’t load, it just sits there and finally times out. Usually when you try the second time it will load. Once it starts playing it looks good, at least the recorded video does. I can’t really comment about the live stream, my mac mini isn’t powerful enough to stream live. When I try to it is jumpy and choppy. However, that being said it does stream and from what I have read on the forums with a more powerful computers it works fine.

The EyeTv application clearly could have used some beta testing. Unfortunately, there is no beta stage for an Iphone application, which means the initial release becomes the beta. Not something that those who pay for the application can be happy about. Despite these complaints, the EyeTV icon will remain on my iphone, because base on my experience with the desktop application, it will improve with each update, and end up being a great application, I just hate waiting.

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