#FollowFriday Etiquitte

Twitter is great to network, but sometimes it annoys me. There are times that people don’t get that they have 140 characters to Say something or loose out.

The biggest problem is this #FollowFriday. I will see a post like:

@joeschmoeb #Followfriday @name1 @name2 @name3 @name4

My question is: WHY? Who is this “Name 1”? Will I know this person will not Cyberstalk me?

Let’s get some etiquette here, people. Give me a reason to follow and I’ll start listening to you. For example, Paul RJ Muller, aka @Caffination, wrote this tweet:

caffination #followfriday #podcast Because you have to listen @norbtek, @nlma, @cc_chapman, @podcaststeve, @geekazine, @about12minutes

This is telling me these are the podcasts to listen to. Now I do have to admit, my podcast is in the list and I thank Paul for posting. Nonetheless, I know WHY I should be following these people.

I like Meat with my Potatoes. I like bread with butter. Therefore, I like #Followfriday with a reason. You have 140 characters to explain yourself. Make every character worth it.

That is all.

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