Astronaut says we are not alone!

Why is it that Astronauts wait till there about 80 to start claiming that we are not alone in the universe and that the US Government has proof of an Alien presence.

The Paradigm Research Group says that the time is right for the Obama administration to fess up and release all existing documents the US has on the UFO’s and Alien presence.

Personally I think it would be cool, but lets say hypothetically that the US Government has proof there is simply no way that they would every do that. People would simply loose there minds and there would be chaos in the streets.

The world population as a whole is not mentally prepared for such a revelation.

The PRG claims they have substantial documentary evidence to push the administration to start opening up. Personally I think this is a bluff if they had the evidence it would already be on the Internet. These folks would not hold back information waiting on the US Government to start talking about it.

But I do find it curious that Mr. Mitchell. who up to this time is highest-profile claimant of alien visitation, holds his doctorate from MIT and has walked on the moon is stepping up and making these claims. I just wish they would come out with something more substantial.

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  1. This is not new — he has been claiming these sorts of things for a long time. Just because you’re an astronaut doesn’t mean you can’t believe in weird and silly things.

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