Android for Junkies

My wife is a cell phone junkie, degenerate, addict, etc. You choose the word. She gets a new phone every month either on craigslist though swapping or buys one. I could care less about cell phones except to talk to people on one. Yes young people, you can actually talk on these devices. I am trying to get her to get the new Android phone with the Google operating system. I know she will like it & we are likely going to change from Verizon to T-Mobile so that will fit nicely. She has never had an iphone but I think she will appreciate the apps available for free for the Android. She mainly likes texting and weird ringtones but when she sees all this is phone can do she will go even deeper into cell phone addiction. The fact that the Amazon DRM-free music store comes preloaded is a big plus as well. I love getting music from Amazon & using it however I want to! She is starting to use her phone as a music player so this is right up her alley.

I really like techy stuff I just have not went all in for cell phones yet. One reason is cost & the fact that I am rough on the free phones I use so I cannot see paying big bucks for something I am likely to jack up pretty quickly. Another reason is I am a home body so when I am away from the house I am working & not needing a hi tech device except an mp3 player. When I am home I am almost always on the computer so that is when I do my “computing” and not on a cell phone. Obviously I am in the minority at least in the geek community but eventually I will be in the 12 step program with my wife for cell phones. And Android may be my gateway device.