Dish Network Rewards New customers. What about us?

I am not going to cry over Dish Network offering HD only packages to new customers. In other words if you don’t like watching crappy Standard def channels on your big screen you now have a choice to get only the high quality HD channels starting at $30 per month with local channels. I understand that is their business model to give “free” equipment to get you hooked when you start out. My understanding when I signed up for service was that it is a once per lifetime deal. You can’t stop service then start again when you see a better deal. You can use a spouse to get another deal started I guess. I do feel slighted that being a customer in good standing, I can’t get the same options as a new customer who has not spent one dollar with Dish yet. I think the worry on their part is that too many folks will jump to the lower priced HD package and they will lose significant dollars. The word is that early next year current customers can jump to HD only so I am fine with that. I’d rather wait while Dish gets their plan together than have them lose a ton of money then go out of business 5 years from now because of dumb decisions.

I will definitely go HD only as soon as possible since I do not watch SD anymore. I am an HD elitist I suppose. When my buddy first got HD he said that he often watched a less interesting football game in HD instead of a better game in SD. I thought he was exaggerating but now I do the same thing. But now it is harder to find an SD game, which is a good thing. If not for sports and ESPN more specifically HD programming might not be as expanded as it is now. Football is the most watched sport in the USA so the fact that HD games have increased has only created demand for Hi Def in more programming.

One thought on “Dish Network Rewards New customers. What about us?

  1. When I signed up for dish network I was suppossed to receive a $100 gas card. I have yet to receive it. Please tell me why you would tell me that and never follow up on it.

    Joni Scheier

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