Time Warner plays with Fire on Charging Users for Bandwidth

The announcement by Time Warner that they are going to screw some customers down in Texas in a test where they will be watching bandwidth usage of each of their customers and if they go over their limit sock them with a huge overage charge.

This is the ultimate form of protect your business model being that Time Warner is worried that people like me who have a Apple TV a Vudu box are swiftly moving away from ordering movies from them and also depending on these devices more for my daily content.

Thus I am very close to the point of only needing them for a Internet Service Provider and not for my regular television viewing. IPTV is here today and available cheaper and with more channel selection than cable TV will ever have.

So for know a segment of customers in Texas are going to be abused by Time Warner and will be charged based on how much bandwidth they use. If they go over that allotment either their Internet connection will be shut down or they will have to pay huge overage fees.

In press reports they are indicating that they will be limiting customers to some ridiculous small transfer amounts. One example was a limit of 30gb for the top tier service that would be the most expensive.

Time will tell here but every person that is a Time Warner customer needs to get on the phone and complain bitterly to customer service and inform them that you are against what they are doing here.

Americans are used to unlimited Internet Service and with more services being tied to the Internet this move by Time Warner will stifle growth on the net and cause financial hardship for many that rely on the Internet!

Be heard, voice your opinion now. Because if you don’t higher Internet Service Provider fees are on the way and their will be nothing you can do about it. Especially in areas where there is no competition. New York Times

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