GoDaddy NASCAR Sponsorship of Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and CES

Pic_dale_01_thumbI am trying to find out from my GoDaddy Rep if Dale Earnhardt, Jr. is going to be out at the Consumer Electronics Show because I know GoDaddy is exhibiting this year at CES.

Seeing that GoDaddy just signed Junior (I’m a big fan) to drive a NASCAR GoDaddy car I would think this would be a great opportunity for GoDaddy to connect us NASCAR fans that will be at CES with this living legend!

While GoDaddy has been a long time sponsor of the Geek News Central Podcast. I hope that I can pull some strings and get some camera time with whoever GoDaddy has at the show.

Andy McCaskey and I will be running ACES contest that will be baked into the content we will be creating out their on our 2008 CES daily wrap ups. Companies far and wide have been reaching out to us to trying secure a interview spot with us, to be fair we are once again going to scour the show floor to find you the hottest technology that we will highlight each day.

While we reached over 13 million “views” from our CES coverage last year, the opportunity remains for a company or companies to get some major exposure by being a dedicated sponsor for the event.

Being GoDaddy is our regular show sponsor you can help the show out by sharing our GoDaddy Promotion Codes with folks that like to save a lot of money.

I cannot tell you how cool it is to be Sponsored by a company that is also Sponsoring Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

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