Amazon needs to screen their Third Party Vendors!

On Dec 11th I placed a very substantial order through on a fairly expensive item. The price was about 20% below normal retail prices and I was happy with the purchase price.

Five days later and no delivery of the item. After trying for a hour to get through to the vendor, I contacted Amazon to only find out that the order was canceled for a mysterious reason by the vendor in question.

I was never notified of the cancellation, and will be contacting my bank next to make sure I got a credit for the purchase on my credit card. The company in question was “Ace Photo Digital” while I have yet to be able to talk to a live body over there I can guarantee you two things.

1st I am done ordering through when it comes to their third party vendors. I think what happened was that the price was probably listed incorrectly on the Amazon site, and the vendor did not want to honor the order.

2nd Amazon needs to put a policy in place that bans these companies from being merchants if they do not honor the products that have been ordered regardless of circumstances.

If I had been notified within a day that the order was canceled I would have cut them some slack, but to not have been notified, and then having to had to escalate the call to the supervisor to find out when and why the order was canceled was ridiculous.

Of course this was done through a International Support center and they could really care less about a single customer. I can assure you I am done doing business with Amazon.

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One thought on “Amazon needs to screen their Third Party Vendors!

  1. *lol* it took you a long time to figure this out, once I ordered a MP3 player from a 3rd party Amazon vendor and I received a BRICK in the mail, Amazon didn’t give a shite, they said it was between me and the vendor, a vendor that mysteriously disappeared after I received my BRICK.

    Given it was a nice red brick it was hardly worth $200.

    Live and Learn

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