Skype down for the count

Well I woke up this morning to Skype being off line. Did not think much of it till I tried to IM a buddy of mine and sure enough Skype is down. It’s not fully clear why. Skype is reporting it is a software issue, looks to me like someone pushed a update without doing the proper regression testing. Skype

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2 thoughts on “Skype down for the count

  1. This was a Chinese military exercise aimed at taking out the supernodes of skype. I talked to three deep contacts at Evergreen Shipping and they told me that the Chinese were experimenting with a new technology to take out the nodes. They harvested the node addresses from skype calls in and out of certain geo area’s and then pushed hack attempts into the nodes and disrupted the calling service.

    Wingman a chinese democracy dude and hacker was kidnapped 4 days ago in HK before he got on the train to shenzhen. In the line up for papers he was detained and questioned about the super nodes. He is making a confession on later today about the skype hack and why. I just read that china and russia are doing military exercises and this PC war is a attempt to cripple PC users ability to phone home through the p2p network. This is serious and not a joke. wingman will be on spynbuy sometime around midnight.

  2. Dunno about that. I don’t have the updated version and it’s down for me, too.

    Regardless of why, this kinda stuff didn’t happen when Big Brother — er, eBay — didn’t own them. Same with Paypal, actually. Paypal USED to be decent folks to deal with. Now they can’t get something as simple as backup funding fixed in over 8 months. All that money behind ’em, where’s it going? Profit, obviously.

    We already know what pr*cks eBay can be…

    Skype has been a great thing for people. Hope being owned by eBay doesn’t bugger it up.

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