Google Gears and Google Reader

Well Google is meeting the call that many people have been asking for. The ability to take their Google applications with them when they are off line. The first of many products that users will be able to use off line is Google Reader.

I gave it a try tonight and found that the online version was actually faster than the off line version. But I will be honest the ability to take 2000 of my unread feed articles with me is pretty exciting.

Those people with full RSS feeds are going to see a lot more love because if I am off line on a airplane, and I cannot read the full story to be able to blog about it someone else may get the credit for a story.

But the Google Gears application has a fatal flaw. It should update in the back ground, and not require me to be logged into the service for it to update. This will insure that all the latest news is loaded. TechCrunch