Could you trust Google with your FeedBurner Data?

With the rumor of Google buying Feedburner and the 100’s of thousands of feeds that go with it. I bet a lot of bloggers, podcasters and media companies that are using their service is asking themselves can I trust Google with my subscriber data.

Since Google will have access to the traffic data on those 100’s of thousands of feeds this will allow Google to spy at a micro level on the type of content people are subscribed to.

I personally am not so sure I want Google to know what feeds I am subscribed to, and may to consider un subscribing from all feeds that use FeedBurner if this deal with Google is indeed true.

Today Google sees what we search for, what ads we click on, and now they are going to see exactly what we are subscribed to and reading. Talk about Big Brother. This would be the ultimate spy machine.

I wonder now if some bloggers are going to wake up to the fact that their users data is no longer sacred and that by being a Feedburner user that they have now exposed their entire audience to the Google machine.

This is just another of a long list of reasons why controlling your own feed on your own site and not out sourcing it to this third party is important.

My suggestion to all using their service is to move your audience back to the feed on your own domains and serve it up yourself like you should have in the first place and don’t give Google the opportunity to spy on your reading habits.

4 thoughts on “Could you trust Google with your FeedBurner Data?

  1. I think that people need to stop moaning and complaning about “bigBrother” etc…

    Wheres the problem if google do have access to your data?

    Its better than the government, and down the line, they will probably provide more relative advertising. Also feedburner with adsense and analytics could provide a better service 2 webmasters. Its your choice not to use Google Ads, and your choice not to use Feedburner!

  2. If I subscribe through Blubrry’s Mycast (or something similar like Odeo), would this issue exist in the same way? Just not sure how that type of service works.

  3. Good advice indeed – but I don’t mind the GoogleBorg knowing what I’m doing online. I bet though this means a ton of podcasts will vanish overnight due to ‘technical/changeover’ issues – and all the directories will have to catch up or else they will be listing even more dead or old feeds.

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