20 Percent of Adult Americans Don’t Use the Internet

internet_mapI have a friend that hates the Internet. She cringes when the words “Facebook” or “Google” even come up. She’s been on only a couple of times – but otherwise I’ll get a call asking to print off some document she needs.

Even though more homes are investing in broadband Internet, the New York Times reports roughly 20 percent of American adults do not use the Internet at home, work or via mobile. Some are by choice, yet others do not have the money for this amenity.

76% of white American households and 57% of African-American households use the Internet. Approximately 50% of people 65 and older go online, while 75% under 65 use the Internet.

Average home Internet costs are around $30 a month.

Could You Live Without Internet for a Day? A Year, Perhaps?

Back in April, one man decided to go off-line for one year to see how he would fair. Paul Miller chronicled his life for the 365 days without an Internet connection. A very eye-opening article that makes you think about how different you might live.

Of course, that is Internet and not technology in general. It sounded like Paul still had a cell phone and used other technology to commute, eat, drink and get by.

I think back to around 1994, when I didn’t have a cell phone and I was on the Internet ever so sparsely. I had a university email address at that time and the University library was where I connected up. I spent more time building other things – I was a music major, so I also practiced a lot.

If that was to go away, I believe I could survive. I definitely would have to figure out a new path in life from podcaster/blogger.

What would you do if you went off-line for a year? Read more? Build projects? Let us know!

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4 thoughts on “20 Percent of Adult Americans Don’t Use the Internet

  1. I got rid of TV about 10 years ago. Once I got rid of it, I wrote several books and started sewing. My father owned a type of personal computer in the early 70’s. Because of that, I have always been interested in computers, and later, the internet. During the 90’s, I spent all my extra money on computers and computer gadgets. I do have several websites and I enjoy podcasts and podcasting. Most of my friends are not on the internet — a few have email accounts set up by their family members. They have no clue what I do. As a speaker, 99.9 % of my bookings come via the internet. However, I have no interest in FaceBook, Twitter or any of the other popular social media networks and have deactivated accounts. The main thing I would miss is alternative news. Internet alternative news sights, bloggers and podcasters keep us informed in a way they main stream media can’t — or won’t. Other than that, If I had to live without the internet, I think I’d work on my sewing and writing and finally put my R&B band together.

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