If your not found in Google You’re a Nobody!

Recently I have been doing some research and I was pretty frustrated that the information I was searching for was pretty lacking. In fact I was pretty frustrated in not being able to find the information I was looking for.

Today the Wall Street Journal hit a home run and has a article entitled “You’re a Nobody Unless Your Name Googles Well”. I have been quite public about my life and I Google very well. It helps that I have a name that is pretty unique and their is not a lot of competition out there.

So if you have not Googled your name lately maybe it is time to start and see if you make it to the front page. If you don’t I would suggest you get busy and make sure that you are not a nobody.

While I am not at liberty to discuss the research I was doing needless to say the digital footprint was very small and I was quite honestly disappointed in the results.

In todays world if your a business or want to do business online you better be able to be found on the front page of Google or any of the other major search engines. For some people being found is critical and to not be found indicates a total disregard to the medium you are trying to compete in. Wall Street Journal

One thought on “If your not found in Google You’re a Nobody!

  1. I think LinkedIn has an interesting opportunity in this area.

    When I search for people nowadays, I’m now starting to see their public LinkedIn profile start appearing in the first page of Google search results. This works really well because not only do I know who they are, I now have info on their network that can be used to verify their reputation.

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