VoSKY Skype from any phone in the World

Over the past 10 days I have been testing a new product called VoSky, it is a Skype Certified product that allows you to place Skype and SkypeOut calls from your home, mobile or any other phone it also allows you to receive incoming skype calls to any phone you designate.

Setting the small box up and loading the software took no time what so ever. I had seen this product at CES in January, and was curious of it’s performance. What suprised me is that I could be away from my computer and dial into the line that the VoSKY interface box was connected to and following the voice commands was able to initiate a Skype call. The VoSKY box and integrated software package also allowed me to forward calls to my cell phone when I was away as well.

Talking with clients via Skype initiated from my mobile phone amazed a lot of people, and that feature alone is worth the $69.95 price of the VoSKY Call Center.

If you do not have broadband at work there is no reason now not to be able to accept and make Skype calls, when you are away from the broadband connection. During the entire time that it has been hooked to my home phone it never interupted my wife when she was using the land line and in fact she barely knew it was there. [www.vosky.com]

This product has been provided to Geek News Central for review free of charge and no promises were made as to what the outcome of the review would be made. This product was used in a real world environment as are all products reviewed on Geek News Central for a minimum of 72 hours.

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