AOL giving out free domain names…still not enough to lure me over

I want to start out this article by saying that AOL is in trouble. Calacanis admits it, Ted doesn’t admit it quite so easily, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. It seems to me like AOL is going to have to do something miraculous to save itself this time…

Well, they started trying to save themselves by giving away 5GB of free storage. Now they are saying that they are going to give away free domain names to anyone who asks. What’s the catch you ask? Well the catch is that you won’t actually own the domain – AOL will.

Message to AOL: I admire you greatly for trying to save your company, I really do. But you’ve got some major problems that you’re going to need to fix before I will come close to AOL. Good try, AOL, but not good enough to lure me to the dark side.

AOL gives out free .com domains to anyone who asks | | CNET

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One thought on “AOL giving out free domain names…still not enough to lure me over

  1. AOL has seen better days. And soon enough they’ll be lucky to even see the bad days. I am not sure AOL can last the rest of the year. They are really making some odd moves to keep themselves a float.

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