GNC-2006-03-28 #158

I have some contest and promotions to talk about and hope you check out the new sponsor we have over at Want to win some cool prizes create a GoDaddy ad and submit it to the show let’s see how creative you can get.

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Listener Submitted Links:
Graphic Tool Depth of Field
Digicam Photo to PDF
Process cross section Photos how to

Show Notes:
RS-DVR Cablevision
Robin Good’s Media Picks
Lost in Space
AFA Probe blown up!
VST plugins
Sitepal (Odd)
Denmark versus Apple
Dell Monitor!
Multi-User WordPress
Telco Demise
Brain and Microchip
Credit Cards and the Virtual World
Vista Tile
Yahoo Groups
Global Warming
Calacanis on Business
Broadband Usage
Shuttle Foam
Mars Orbiter
IE Bugs
Net Neutrality GET Involved!