Google Drive

Google lives and breaths digital data Matrix anyone, and from time to time they create something digital that lands in the public domain, a recent presentation did, and now is creating significant buzzz. What would you do with unlimited on line storage. It is very possible in the near future Google will cause a paradigm shift in this commerce field, today companies have invested billions in off-site storage and warehousing of information. Off Site storage has typically been the domain of companies and ubber geeks. But imagine if you now could backup all of your digital data with Google.

Personally I feel safer with my backup methodology, in which on a monthly basis I exchange a hard-drive that is stored in my safety deposit box with a duplicate that has the latest backup on it. I am not so sure I want to trust my personal data on some server farm sitting next to a power plant in Washington State.

The question we all want to know will this service be free, or will Google price it at such a low level that anyone will be able to afford it. [TechCrunch]