MyCast at

I have had some people asking me about MyCast at and wanted to explain how it works. When we were planning the site last year we wanted to make it easier for those visiting the site to build a playlist of podcast from the network That playlist would result in a custom RSS feed which would have every show that the person has subscribed to. What was also important was that those listeners, that where not using a podcatcher could also use MyCast. So what we did was tie the Flash player to the RSS feed, thus not only can listeners that are downloading the shows get just what they wanted, those visiting the site with their web browser could play the shows from their computer.

Our goal has been to build a listener experience and we were the first to focus on this. In the coming weeks we will be rolling out some new sites that will help listeners find other great podcast in some new offerings that are solely focused on the listener experience and helping them find influential podcast.

Additionally other companies will be rolling out sites powered by our podcast delivery engine, companies and organizations wanting a turnkey podcasting solution should contact us at

To many sites have only focused on the Podcaster experience and not the listener. Some other sites are starting to copy what we have created with MyCast which is the best form of flattery.