Movie released on DVD same day it is to Theaters causes firestorm

Many of you may have already heard that the movie the “Bubble” was released on DVD the same day it was made available to Movie Theaters and and some of the theaters are refusing to run the movie and are crying like children who have spilled their milk.

Guess what get used to it! I applaud Magic Pictures for doing it, here is why. I am a dad, I have 4 kids and they love to go to the movies. Have you loaded the kids up with the Wife drove to the movies and then instead of pulling a $20.00 bill out of your pocket to pay for the entrance fee you have to break your credit card out and pay $42.00 to $50.00 for the experience of being entertained in a theater.

Guess what lets take that $50.00 ticket minus $19.95 for the DVD price that leaves me with $30.00 multiple that by 17 which is the number of movies we went to last year $510.00 which if you multiply by three years you end up with enough money to pay for a pretty decent flat screen TV. I already have a surround sound system and I have popcorn in the cabinet that cost .99 cents and all the beer, softdrinks and nice sofa to cozy up to the wife too.

For me I would be a idiot to go to the theater with the kids. Sure it’s fun to take the wife off to “R” movie of a huge blockbuster that is best seen on a big screen but for the kids and their movies they like. The $19.95 DVD or Netflix makes the money in my wallet go a lot farther.

There only chance to survive is to give me a DVD when I pay for my $50.00 worth of tickets so I can at least get a little more bang for my buck when I go to the movies. [Mark Cuban]

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