Bad Company of the Year Award!

The company that I am putting at the top of my list is a 4 letter word so foul, that it has been banned from my home. I have asked my wife who is Japanese to refrain from buying any of their products for the next 5 years. The Bad company of the year is non other than SONY. The only company rather organization that has gotten more press here in recent months is the RIAA, notice the similarities both are 4 letter words. Of course we could add another 4 letter word company to the list, “MPAA” seeing a trend here folks?

If this were the dark ages their actions would have resulted in public flogging of every single person in the decision process that betrayed the publics trust! To top it off they are still selling these infected CD’s at their retail outlets, and unsuspecting consumers are still taking them home and sticking them in their computers. That folks, in my opinion is criminal!

Here it is Christmas and they are selling these disk laden with the rootkit what a great Christmas present from Sony, drop one of these in your machine and might as well stick a fork in the power supply of your computer.

Sony should be made to send a letter to every consumer in the United States and beg forgiveness. []

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