Sony Rootkit dilemma grows turns out Rootkit is calling home!

This without saying it convinces me to never every buy another CD from Sony ever again. I love music and buy Albums of groups that I like. But until their is some law on the books that prevent companies from installing spyware, rootkits and any other DRM technology I am not buying another CD.

Sony I am also am placing a five year ban on buying any of your electronic components and music. The Sony Laptop that needs repair will be fixed and given to charity. My wife is Japanese so she is not going to be happy about this but I am not going to buy your products plain and simple.

Your failure to step up and reveal to the world that you have done wrong is without comprehension, I am going to show you how pissed I am with my wallet. For five years I will not buy any of your signed artist music, any company that tries such actions such as Sony will also incur my five year ban on buying any of your products. [Sony Rootkit calling home and much more]

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4 thoughts on “Sony Rootkit dilemma grows turns out Rootkit is calling home!

  1. I’ve never been lucky with Sony products but this is a definite no-go as to buying their stuff……
    But it will go past most people and others will forget about it soon.
    Sony is essentially hacking your machine and I don’t mean old school. They are hackers in the modern, internet age sense of the word. And what do we do with hackers? We lock them up (preferrably for years without a trial but who remembers Kevin Mitnick ;) )
    None of this will happen to Sony, they have the full force of the entertainment industry behind them, not in a conspiracy, organised way but the MPAA and RIAA’s of this world have a common goal here. They are likely to defend or downplay the very practices that fall in the realm of those they try to take on (don’t blame me, they heaped hackers, P2P downloaders, software pirates, terrorists and small time thieves on one stack, not me).
    Let’s hope they’ve overplayed their hand. They are on the wrong side of honesty, decency and common sense already.

  2. Im with you, i ve been following this and its very wrong. Sony is turning everyone back to downloading again (or more) . The makers of this rootkit have a removal tool on there site , but its tricky to do.
    they have a service pack 1 that they want you to install.
    say no at this point in the removal process. this will
    make it worse. then you have to install a active x control to finish. but i dont think it will really be gone.
    Here is a link for a podcast that explains some info

  3. Me Too. I’ve had three Sony Vaio Laptops in a row. The next one will come from a different manufacturer. And no more DRM CDs. There’s plenty of great music out there, so why buy something with all those restrictions? I’m happy to pay for music and I have 450 CDs but if I can’t rip a CD onto my laptop and copy tracks on to my Rio Carbon, I’m not interested.

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