Feedster and Technorati are their services being destroyed by Spam

Here is a little Secret, I have nearly 200 unique Technorarti search terms that I use to dig through, and find stuff I like to write about. But as Jason Calacanis points out the viral Spam is starting to effect the search results. I see it more on Feedster than I do Technorati, this is one of the reasons I have considerably fewer Feedster searches than Technorati.

My question is wasn’t Technorati hyping that they are working with the big search engines, blog developers and such to get a handle on all this crap. Spam Bloggers have found out it is much easier to put up a generic weblog, put in some entries that relate to the spam message they want to portray. They get indexed immediately and very rarely do they get removed.

I see people putting up entries everyday that tries to trick people in coming to their sites when they think they are going to be redirected to Geek News Central

Time for Technorati, Feedster and the rest of them to start the painful process of doing some sort of qualification on weblog post to make sure that they should be indexed. Plus gives us a feature that every time we see a spam message, give us a easy way to tag back, and say this is suspicious, and if enough people tag it as suspicious then they can have a look at the content. [Jason Calacanis]

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