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Plants vs. Zombies Game Review

PopCapPlants vs. Zombies was one of the first Free App of the Day games in the UK’s Amazon Appstore but if I’d known about it beforehand, I would have paid the full price as it’s a lot of fun and simple to play.

Published by PopCap, the premise is simple: stop hordes of marauding zombies from crossing your lawn by using a variety of vicious plants and vegetables. It’s a simplified riff on “Tower Defense” with the zombies and plants only acting in straight lines.


There are 50 levels with over 26 kinds of zombie and 49 killer plants. As you’d expect, the more advanced members of the armies of darkness appear in later level as do more evolved plants with greater killing potential. Triffids have nothing on these botanical beauties. The controls are straightforward with tapping on the screen being the only skill required. That and managing your resources of sunshine to grow your plants.

But enough of the dry features…this game is great fun. There’s absolutely nothing like setting up your garden to hurl flaming peas at the undead. The game’s difficulty progresses at the just the right level to keep the player challenged and the introduction of new zombies and complementary plants keeps the death-dealing interesting.  It’s all done with great humour in a cartoon fashion so there’s no blood’n’guts to worry about. And the game’s not complete without the inimicable groaning of “brains”.

According to PopCap’s website, Plants vs. Zombies is available for a multitude of platforms but I was playing on Android tablets. Presumably it was originally designed for smartphones, as some of the graphics aren’t as well-defined as they could be. Looks fine on a 7″ tablet but is more obvious on a 10″.

The game is available from the Amazon Appstore for £2.06 as Plants vs. Zombies doesn’t appear to be sold in Google Play.