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Xfinity Go App Updated to Include Live Video

Xfinity Go PlayerXfinity formerly Comcast has updated their Xfinity TV Player app which is now known as Xfinity Go on both iOs and Android. The big thing that has been added to the updated app is the ability to play live videos. The number of channels that are available live is limited. All the cable news channels are available including: Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox Business, and BBC News. The various ESPN channels are available along with Fox Sports 1, NBC Sports, and the Golf Channel. If you have kids then you’ll be interested to know that Disney Junior, the Disney Channel and Disney XD are also available. Other channels that are available include, FX,  FXX, the National Geographic Channel and finally Nat Geo Wild. It did take some time for the stream to come but once it did it ran fairly well. It did pause once and then restart almost immediately. I’m trying this in the early afternoon and it will be interesting to see how well it works at night-time when everybody’s home and using the cable bandwidth.

Most of the channels that are available have their own individual apps however the advantage that this app has is that you can get everything under one app instead of having to go to each individual app. Until more channels available though it will have limited usage when it comes to live videos. Still it is a nice addition to the all ready existing on-demand catalog. If you are a Comcast subscriber I do recommend downloading it and trying it out. It is free and available through both iTunes and the Google Play store.