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Create Beautiful Photo Collages Free and Without Software

There are numerous apps that you can download and install on your computer to allow you to bring together multiple photos into one single image, known as a collage. But why would you want to junk up your computer with yet another app? These days, web apps can do much of what we need, from file conversion to word processing and image editing.

So you want to create a beautiful collage as a gift for grandma? You can do this, as well, without purchasing expensive software or downloading and installing an app that may or may not work. In fact, you do not even need to pay for the privilege of gaining this capability.

There is more than one source for pulling off this fete, but let’s focus on just one that can do almost whatever you wish, does not force you to open your wallet and has plenty of capability. This web app has the cryptic name of piZap.

piZap does more than just create a collage. The online service is also a more than capable photo editor that is designed with real users in mind. In other words, you do not need a computer science degree here because this is made for every user from advanced to beginner.

Let’s get Started

From the homepage, it is rather hard to miss that large green “Start” button – it is an obvious beginning point. Click it and you will be transported to a Flash-based webpage that presents five options, including “Edit a Photo”, “Timeline Covers”, “Backgrounds”, “WebCam Effects” and our choice – “Make a Collage”.

menu screen

When “Make a collage” is clicked you will be bombarded with options. These are shapes broken down by number of images included and patterns, collages with backgrounds, ones that are framed, even those specially crafted for holidays.

Let’s be rather boring and choose square images. As you can see in the screenshot below, we have numerous options to choose from. Pick a pattern by clicking on the design that suits your tastes.

pizap collage shapes

Add Photos and Effects

Each image space contains an “Add Photo” option, plus there are a number of effects down the right side of the web page. There are also more options presented across the top of the screen, including such gems as text, frames and stickers.

You can upload images from your local computer, or ones stored elsewhere on your network. In addition, the app provides the ability to grab images from Facebook or through your webcam.

add photos

As an illustration of just what piZap is capable of, I elected to use the same image in all four areas of my chosen collage pattern. I then applied a different effect to three of those, while leaving the top left in original form.

The results can be seen in the image below, but this gives only a minor idea of all of the options and effects that are available from this free service.

add effects

Now What?

So now that you have perfected your new collage, what’s next? Well, you could go to the top menu and add one of the many frames available, or perhaps include some text.

However, once you are satisfied with your new masterpiece you can click the green “Save” button that appears at the top right. This will provide options to share the image on Facebook, Twitter or your My piZap account (make it public or private), as well as the more traditional option of simply downloading the collage to your computer.

If you choose to download, and I imagine most customers do, then you can always use traditional desktop apps like Photoshop to make additional refinements. You can then make the image your desktop wallpaper, print the collage yourself or use an online service such as Shutterfly for printing. You could also simply email it to grandma or other interested friends and family members.

Record Your Finished Tasks With iDoneThis

There are many online and free ways to make a To-Do List, but what about those times when you need to track things already done.  For instance, I need to keep track of the number of articles I write.  Well, there’s something for that now also.  iDoneThis is a free calendar type service that allows you to easily keep track of what you have done via email.

The service is free to sign up for and offers no premium options.  There are also no ads on the page which begs one to wonder about the business model.  To sign up you simply choose a user name, enter your email address, and choose a password.  Once that is done you will be greeted  with a brief explanation of how the site works.

As you can see in the sceenshot above you can choose your timezone and you will then receive a daily email at 6:45pm local time.  You respond with a list of what you have done and iDoneThis will record in in your calendar.

The Settings page is as simple as the rest of the site – it consists only of choosing a time zone and changing your password.  You can also click on Calendar to view your list of accomplishments.  The calendar view is of the current month and you can scroll forwards or backwards to choose other months.

The site and it’s functionality are simple.  There’s no hassles of any kind in signing up or using the service.  The only drawback I have found is the inability to change the time of the daily email.