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GNC-2010-02-23 #554 Murphy’s Law!

Switched the primary recording off of Firewire to Analog to see if that was what was causing recording issue and the recording machine acted up again. Very happy to have a backup of tonights show for you to download. We are having trouble with the iTunes update at this time..

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Infoworld Windows Blogger Fired!
Twitter vs Facebook faceoff!
50 Million Tweets a Day!
Second Life? Should we be concerned?
Newsletter tips and tricks!
Mobile Application Stores Heads Up!
Americas Brands!
HTML5 Plugin for IE8
Apple says .99 cent TV – TV says $1.99
Add Boxee and Hulu to Windows Media Center.
FTC Warns 100’s of Companies about breaches!
IOC versus the Blogger.
New Transistor design big in Japan
ACTA gets out of Hand!
UK Newspapers cannot stand the heat!
NASA Lunar Moon Application!
Endeavor back at KSC!
GPS Jamming use by crooks!
Browser Ballot Time in EU!
Seagate rolls out Enterprise 2TB Drive!
Vudu to Walmart for cool 100 Million!
64gb SD card no available!
Leech Plug (Smart)!
Bloom Box to revolutionize home power?
Don’t get this teacher Angry.
FBI go Hunting Web Cam accused Perps!
Build your own TypeFace with your Face?
View from Above!
GPS Spot!

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Mitsubishi integrating Vudu in LED TV’s CES 2010

Mitsubishi is putting Vudu into it’s LED based TV sets. This is one step closer to having a full blown computer built into every television set. What is really exciting about this is that Vudu brings not only movies not available via your cable provider to owners of Mitsubishi sets but also alternative content just like Geek News Central. This was one of the more exciting announcements from CES.

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GNC-2009-11-07 #525 New Studio Lights

New Studio lights are installed and it makes a big difference to the video quality. Baby Steps but this was like learning to walk. Story on the show.. Big huge thank you to Pat over at LitePanels.com and his expertise in the placement of the LED LitePanels. Lots of tech to chat about tonight as always and for those of you Comcast subscribers you will want to tune in for sure.

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Thanks Timothy: Green Fuels
Knock Detecting Door Lock!
Anti-Gravity could change anything!
Listener Broken Arm Story!

Show Notes:
Computer Failure Chaos in MD
Don’t answer text book questions online!
FCC to let MPAA break your TV and DVR
File Sharing goes Underground!
ISP Safe Harbor Provisions in Jeopardy!
RIAA Penalty payment strategy!
Smart Eye Glasses.
Stream Live Birth of Child?
RoboForm for iPhone!
Data Breach Legislation in work!
Critical Windows Security Patches!
Ford Announces rear airbags!
Windows 7 lets Malware bypass UAC!
Six iPhones Disasters!
Hackintosh users catch a break!
Adobe may cause your machine to become infected!
100,000 iPhone Applications!
I have a bridge I want to sell you!
Comcast to throttle users that use to much of their alloted bandwidth!
Windows 7 Sales Exploding!
Twitter Phone (I don’t get it)?
Vudu Labs rolling out some cool features!
Toshiba HD of 1.8 inches holds 320 gigs!
Verizon to penalize you big time for canceling your phone!
Sourceforge is now GeekNet?
Space Elevator challenge Achieved!
HD Media Player battle!
Facebook integrating AIM, Yahoo, MSN IM chat?
Congratulations Geeks we are not Hermits as Accused!
Microsoft Courier want one!
WordPress now RSSCloud capable.
New Twitter ReTweet Feature!
SSL can be Hacked Emergence meeting to fix!

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Video Produced by Jack Ellis

GNC-2008-01-25 #342

Great commentary from all of you and we cover a huge amount of tech news today. Some voicemail taking me to task at the end of the show over the financial issues of dreamhost.

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Listener Links:
DNA Cloning
DNA Cloning 2
OSD Hack
Hotel Drinking Cups
AT&T Sims
My FoxNews Interview
How Big is our Solar System

Show Notes:
Firefox Growing
Stupid Employee Tricks
iPhone 1.1.3 Jailbreak
MPAA hates College Kids but Lies
Transplant Break Through
Comcast Bittorrent
Apple Stock Takes a Hit
iPhone Sales Truth
Anonymous DOS
Linux is that Legal
Asteroid Misses us
Sometime Men cannot be Trained
Microsoft Earnings
MacBook Air Slow
MacBook Air USB Port Issues
Netflix Mac Video
Vudu Lowes Prices
Vista fewer flaws than other OS’es
Hulu Interview
Digg Changes
Google Health
Virgin SpaceShip2
OLPC Big Issues
Leave the Social No Way
OLPC Issues 2
Microsoft Updates Vista SP1