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Ford Joins with ZipCar, Adds Focus, Escape to Lineup


This is a great announcement for all you College students that only need a car for a few hours a week. Ford has announced a tw0-year alliance with Zipcar to add Escape and Focus cars to their line-up of over 250 university campuses. The 2012 models will start arriving on campus starting this week.

Zipcar is an alternative to car rental. You join the club and you will get a Zipcar card. Reserve your car for a date and time, then on that day walk up to the car, hold the card near and the car unlocks. Drive the car, return to the same spot and you are good to go.

Zipcar is in several cities across North America and the UK. There is an annual fee (depending on city you live in) upon registration and you would pay per hour, or day, depending on what you need. Gas and insurance is not needed – they take care of that for you.


“Today’s students are thinking differently about driving and transportation than they have in the past,” said Bill Ford, executive chairman, Ford Motor Company. “This program enables today’s new drivers to experience our latest fuel-efficient vehicles, while helping them reduce their cost of living and help relieve congestion on campus. We’re looking forward to making Ford a staple of their college experience.”

For those who don’t need a car, this seems to be a decent alternative. The cost is low and the car choices are pretty good. Now you can Ford vehicles to the mix, which contain excellent fuel economy and technological advances. So you don’t need to take that old beater to school and fight parking fees and tickets. Just Zipcar and go!

Visteon: Integrating the iPad in a Vehicle

Jeffrey Powers talked to Upton of Visteon about integrating wi-fi enabled devices, including the iPad into vehicles. The iPad or another device then could become the vehicles middle dashboard. You could control audio, GPS and other information from it. Upton said “It allows you to change the way you design cockpits.” If the system works as proposed you could have various cockpits in the car, both in the back and front. Since you could remove the device, it would be more secure than a traditional system.

The traditional system would remain for those times when the wi-fi enabled devices is not around. Upton said right now this is just a concept, but there has been a lot of interest shown. They already have all the parts necessary to make the system work, they just require wi-fi secure devices. Visteon is known for creating innovative products for vehicles. It will be interesting to see if anyone actually installs something like this in a vehicle.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of The Geekazine Podcast.

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