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UberConference Anyone who does a lot of audio conference calls is aware on how little they have changed in years and how hard they can be to set up and control. You have to call into a number, hit access wait for the beep and then spend ten minutes figuring out who is on the conference call and who is supposed to be on the conference call. If you want to mute someone or prevent them from hearing what you are saying you have to input a certain code, and you forget the code.

UberConference was designed to try to solve these and other problems audio conferences present. UberConference is visual interface for an audio conference. It is available on iOS, Android and through the web. When you are on a conference call you can see who is there, the person who is speaking is always at the top. If you want to find out more about a person, simply click on their picture and their Linkedin , Twitter or Facebook profile will pop up. As the conference organizer if you tap on a person a lot of controls come up including the ability to mute or unmute them. Plus UberConference has also created what they call “earmuffs” which blocks the person from what you are saying.

UberConference has a free version which allows up to twenty people on a conference and requires you to call into a number in Los Angeles. There is a pro-version which allows up forty people on a conference call. The Uberconference branding is removed and you can have a local number to dial into. The pro-version also automatically dials the participants, so they don’t have to remember to dial in. More information about UberConference is available at the UberConference website.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine. and Interview by Nick DiMeo of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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