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The Top 100 and why some people are paying attention to it!

Jason Calacanis has been speaking very vocally about the Top 100 over at technorati, and he is indicating that Technorati is about to get their “bell rung” by their competition. He is more or less saying to Technorati that their Top 100 list is not fair nor is it accurate.

Now the question I always start asking when someone starts talking about Top 100 list is why are they raising a stink. It’s usually because either, their not in the list and think they should be, or because their is a financial motivation to see some people removed or knocked down a peg or two.

That being said this weblog has about as much a chance of making the Top 100 as winning the lotto. Considering Hawaii does not have a lotto the odds are pretty high.

If you look at Weblogs, Inc they have become quite the media powerhouse, and with Jason bragging that they could make a million dollars this year with adsense ads, I start to question why a company would make those types of claims or even say that in the first place.

It is one thing for people to realize you are making money hand over foot, but it is quite another to wave it in front of the entire nets face. What that does is piss people off. My daddy told me a long time ago, don’t let them see what you have in your wallet son keep them guessing. Was Jason’s bragging they may hit a million in adsense ads an attempt to try and lure in some investors by making overt financial earning statements without formally producing them. Their are some interesting SEC rules I have read recently that makes me understand why you have to be careful what you say about money in relation to investors.

My whole point is this, my position is that Weblogs, Inc is shopping for a suitor and the only way they can get eyeballs pointed their way is to make sure they dominate the Top 100 list and make overt financial statements. Call me a conspiracy theorist but you just wait and see.

On a side note, I love some of the products that Weblogs, Inc produces and wish them the best of luck but sometimes you have to call a spade a spade. [Jason Calacanis]

Doc Searl wants objective evaluations of RSS Search Services

Hey Doc

I do it every day, I have enough unique search terms setup to get a idea of who is getting it and who isn’t. I will say this all of them are missing a great deal and I am unsure how to explain it. I am almost positive that they really pay attention to the Top 100 or so link getters but the rest of us that are fighting for “Attention” seem to get lost in the crowd.

I find more people linking to my site through my referral logs than I do through most of these services. It is is obvious that most of them are companies that are too small to really be able to do a decent job at it all the time. Sure I love the service but they are missing stuff that’s down in the weeds.

My belief is that until the big search engines get on board this will continue to be the case. When the big search engines do get on board I feel sorry for those employed at [Technorati] [FeedBurner] [Pubsub] because if they don’t get acquired then they will see a lot of people shift to the all entailing big search engines. [Doc Searls]

Technorati pitching Blogger data to corporate America

I know the power of tracking keyword searched on Technorati, and anyone that has used the service for more than five minutes for the first time probably sits back and says wow. Technorati has a problem though, they have to make money so they are pitching commercial services. I heard the mini pitch at Gnomedex but apparently they are making the rounds at various conferences defining that pitch.

That pitch is a commercial aspect of their service that I would like to get a look at by the way. Apparently they are working very hard to slice, dice, chop, sort and stack data along with working on “so called”, alogorhthims to figure out who in the blogspehere companies need to listed to and who they don’t. Those that end up on that “A” list will by default end up wielding major influence in the future with companies.

I don’t mind my data being sliced and diced, but it is curious to see how data is being merged into one big flow of information about whatever subject you want to know about. I find it interesting just to watch my name as a keyword. That gets a few raised eyebrows from time to time. [SiliconValleyWatcher]

Feedster and Technorati are their services being destroyed by Spam

Here is a little Secret, I have nearly 200 unique Technorarti search terms that I use to dig through, and find stuff I like to write about. But as Jason Calacanis points out the viral Spam is starting to effect the search results. I see it more on Feedster than I do Technorati, this is one of the reasons I have considerably fewer Feedster searches than Technorati.

My question is wasn’t Technorati hyping that they are working with the big search engines, blog developers and such to get a handle on all this crap. Spam Bloggers have found out it is much easier to put up a generic weblog, put in some entries that relate to the spam message they want to portray. They get indexed immediately and very rarely do they get removed.

I see people putting up entries everyday that tries to trick people in coming to their sites when they think they are going to be redirected to Geek News Central

Time for Technorati, Feedster and the rest of them to start the painful process of doing some sort of qualification on weblog post to make sure that they should be indexed. Plus gives us a feature that every time we see a spam message, give us a easy way to tag back, and say this is suspicious, and if enough people tag it as suspicious then they can have a look at the content. [Jason Calacanis]