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Hacker tries UFO Defense?

In a totally bizarre interview a hacker that is facing extradition to the United States claims that when he hacked into a NASA computer system on a supposed “dial up connection” that he found proof of UFO existence. Well the interview on Wired just gets really weird. One thing for sure when and if he gets extradited to the United States the Insanity defense will work good. [Wired]

tech.memeorandum.com has made me lazy!

Ok starting this instant, I have removed tech.memeorandum.com from FeedDemon and here is why, I have 200 tech sites subscribed to in my news reader and I have not been reading them, the simple reason is I look at whats hot at tech.memeorandum and if nothing pops out at me I go back to doing other things. This has made me a lazy Blogger who needs a little kick in the pants. I am going to try and go 2 weeks and see if my blogging increases as a result.

If something really juicy breaks then you all can point me at the source story! Also if you have added a real good blogger to your news reader recently why not share it with me.

AMD Serves Skype a Subpoena

This scenario seems to happen way to often, I was talking with Angelo the CIO at RawVoice yesterday and he says hey why don’t we do a Skype conference call tonight with the six of us instead of dialing in to Free Conference Call and I said great idea, this was after the new version of Skype reported to be able to support up to 9 people in a conference call.

So at the appointed time we try to make it happen and 3 of the group could not get it to work, turns out you can only do 9 way calling if all of the participants are running Intel Inside. This blew me away and kinda made me say what the heck is that all about.

So today I check the news and sure enough AMD wants that question answered as well. More of the details at [news.com]