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SXSW Initial Thoughts!

The first true sessions are about to kick off, but I want to relay to you my experience over the past 4 hours have been just hanging out and talking to people. One thing is for sure we live in a very small world. I have run into no less than 30 people I know personally in the new media space. I talked for a few minutes with Tim Street, Leo Laporte, Mark McCrery and a host of other familiar faces. I have also met no less than 20 new folks that will be fun to follow on Twitter and also potential business clients.

I read someplace that the best thing to do is say Hi to everyone. Folks tend to be a little shy until you say hello and wow some great conversations have resulted. The networking power of this conference for me thus far only 4 hours into is living up to the reputation I expected.

GNC-2010-03-09 #558 Monster Show!

This show was a monster, lots of Audio comments from Call in Hotline at 619-342-7365 and a truckload of email. Lots of Tech Content and a new sponsor introduction tonight. Be sure to check out the sponsor link below. Lot’s of amazing news and commentary from all over the web. Big Thank You to the Ohana for staying subscribed and helping this show grow each month. Next stop SXSW in Austin will be recording live on Thursday night lots of fun for all.

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Is your next digital key your iPhone?
Anti-Data Caps Representative Resigns!
Lip Reading Mobile App?
Mac Video Storage Tips!
How Pandora beat the odds!
Space Shuttle debate gets ugly!
ISP’s paid group to spy on P2P users!
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Net a fundamental right 4-5!
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iPad Apps may come up short!
Mediagazer tracking MSM!
Ad Blocking and the Impact on sites!
Google Japanese Translation simply Sucks!
Security coming to Ford Sync!
Wordpress CMS Lite?
Colorado Amazon Affiliate Program RIP!
Understanding the Milky Way!
Digital Advertising Spend to Increase!
National ID card to Work?

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Geek News Central at SXSW

I will be in Austin for SXSW from March 11th to 15th. Unlike CES I will be going Solo and this will change the way I cover this event. Expect more intimate interviews some audio and some video dependent on the situation, location etc.

I am also going to try and live stream some of the events as well but this year is more exploratory to see what we can do next year on a larger scale.

If you would like to meet with me at SXSW please contact me as soon as possible so I can get you written in.

GNC-2009-03-20 #461 Fantastic Show Today

Your host is back and healthy and feeling good. If you watch the video sporting a Bono look ;) and ready to head to the East Coast next week should be a great trip with a series of Podcaster Meetups all across the country.

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Show Notes:
Gmail and Google Labs
Google Voice View
Mac Hacking Tools Gets Updated
News Graveyard
Verizon Math
Calacanis Has it Figured Out!
DIY Craigslist Auction
Don’t dial while Drunk
6 More iPhone Models?
HD Movie Rentals on iTunes
Nielsen Twitter 1382% growth
Scoble SXSW Tech Take Away
Hawaii Rank 45 California 48 for Business
RawVoice to get Green
Spy Camera Tissue Box
Elgato 1080p Turbo.264
Service Failure Meltdown at SXSW
101 PHP Newbie Tutorials
Blubrry OpenID
iPhone Buzz Machine Incredible
Australia Blacklist Shameful
ISS gets more Power
Twitter Premium Hoax
New Gmail Undo Feature
New Mobile Firefox Browser
AT&T No Contract iPhone
Quantum Computer Advances
IE8 is Available
SixApart Motion Debut
Cisco Buys Flip

GNC-2009-03-13 #459 Back In Honolulu

Rare Friday morning recording of the show. Jet Lag got the better of me Thursday night. Lots of tech to cover today. New show segment starts next show if you have any mobile applications you would like me to review drop me a line.

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Show Notes:
MPAA Cuts Staff Size
BBC Botnet
Camtasia for Mac Beta testers
iPhone 3.0
GrandCentral = Google Voice
Firefox 3.1
Mars Orbiter Rebooted
Web at 20 Years
250k for Twitter Suggested List?
New Mobile Carrier Unlimited Everything
Windows 7 Release Candidate Features
Interesting Diamond Heist Story
Look at all of these wires what is this?
New iPod Shuffle GAG
Battle Stations on ISS
SXSW Twitter Stream
12 Domain Tools
New Battery using Magnetic Tunnel Junction
10 Gmail Filters
More Climate Emergency always a Emergency?
6gb Free Music form SXSW
iPod Touch Fires it up Literally
Twitter Time What was Sacrificed

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