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Striker shows off some cool products for all sorts of uses

striker logoStriker Hand Tools Company is a unique  corporation in today’s technology world. It makes a variety of items for various different purposes, including your home and car. Recently we got them to show off some of the coolest items.

Starting with the Simple Sucker, which is perhaps the simplest phone mount you will ever find. It is a simple rubber stand with suction cups at both ends to stick to a surface, such as a car windshield, while the other end holds your phone, making for an easy GPS mount.

Striker also showed off the Flex-it Light, a unique flashlight-type system that can be utilized during home repairs or while camping. It can be bent and manipulated into all sorts of shapes to light your way in most any direction. It has two rare-earth magnets so it can stick to metal surfaces — such as working on a breaker box when the power is off. Striker also shows off several other models of lights, but you will need to watch the video below to get the full details and demos.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast Network

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Review: Striker Magnetic Light Mine


Despite not actually being in attendance at the Consumer Electronics Show, I was not immune to the fever as I covered the great videos being fed to the writing team here at GNC. One company in particular caught my attention — Striker was offering a couple of very cool little devices at even cooler prices. In short, writing about that interview ended up costing me a bit of money.

I purchased two different items, but I will get to the other one in a future review. Today I wanted to cover the Magnetic Light Mine — named such because of its resemblance to a World War II mine. The tiny protrusions each have a magnet, but they also provide stability that lets you rotate it and shine the light in virtually any direction, from a magnetic surface or just a tabletop or floor. It has a 360 radius.

The Magnetic Light Mine is about the size of a golfball, but has a high output, wide angle, intensely bright LED that does an adequate job of lighting up a workspace, especially handy for the underside of a car hood or the inside of an electrical panel door. Personally I purchased two and plan to use them mostly for my son and I’s camping trips, since they will take up almost no space in a backpack.

The light comes for only $6.99 from Striker, and there is a larger version that retails for around $20.