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Major PowerPress Podcast Plugin Update!

We punched out the PowerPress update this evening, and as I promised last night I told you we would have some video for you to watch. I am going to send you over to a page that has two videos linked that will get you up to speed with what we released.

Before I send you over there let me run you through the update.

  1. We added a podcast statistics summary to the WordPress dashboard.
  2. Blubrry Podcast hosting customers can have their ID3 Tags written automatically.
  3. We added Category Cast, podcasters can now setup categories as independent podcast feeds.
  4. The final update which is the most important is our new 3 Step Podcast Publishing Process

Check out the New Feature in Action and watch the Video as a picture is worth a 1000 words!

Come back after the jump and let me know what you think!

The PowerPress Podcast Plugin is free and available at www.blubrry.com/powerpress.

PowerPress Update Coming Thursday

powerpressThe way the emails have been flying with my team at RawVoice you would think we are launching a new website. But that is not the case, what we are releasing is a new version of PowerPress that I am very excited about. For those of you that have been using the PowerPress Podcast plugin for WordPress you may be thinking what’s the big deal.

Our goal at the Blubrry Podcast Community is focused on providing great tools to podcaster and this update of Powerpress will help make the podcast publishing process easier.

The features we are introducing is so simple but yet complex and yet so damn good that I keep pinching myself.  No one else has this level of integration, No One! Maybe I am getting giddy and probably some people will just yawn.

But I feel that we have come up with a winning combination that reduces publishing to three steps  and so straight forward that media creators are going to be able to focus more on the content.

On Thursday when we announce the features I hope your in agreement with my assessment as we reveal whats cooking. If not I am sure you will let me know. Regardless I will have something for you to look at Thursday Morning.