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PowerPress Version 4.0 Released!

Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting Plugin Version 4.0 brings the latest essential features for media creation to WordPress, including the hottest updates to the new iTunes specifications.

“I am proud of this release of PowerPress, in supporting the latest iTunes podcast specs, additionally this update introduces innovative features first to market for the 10’s of thousands of media creators that rely on PowerPress,” said Todd Cochrane, CEO of RawVoice.

iTunes upgrades include:

  • An updated iTunes image requirement — RGB 1400×1400 — throughout the plugin for better cover image quality throughout.
  • “Feature Episode” that allow podcasters to designate a primary episode, which can be used to introduce the podcast or lead in to a new series.
  • An iTunes Order feature that allows a podcaster doing a series of episodes to have each listed in the desired order.

Other PowerPress 4.0 offerings include:

  • A new video player option: VideoJS HTML5 JavaScript player — a player that has its own plugin. By adding this plugin, the new player will be available as an option in PowerPress video players list.
  • A Feed Episode Maximizer “option” for shows with episodes in excess of what can currently be included in a feed. This feature allows the podcaster to maintain the latest 10 episodes in iTunes with all of the extensive episode data. The rest of the episodes are listed in a way that maximizes the number of episodes that can be listed on iTunes / Zune etc. Perfect for the serial podcaster with an extensive episode library.

Blubrry.com is a media community and directory that gives content creators the power to make money through advertising, get detailed audience measurements and host their audio and video. Blubrry PowerPress 4.0 brings the essential features for media creation to WordPress, offering full podcasting support, web audio/video media players and more.

Disclaimer: Todd Cochrane is the main geek here at Geek News Central, he is also the CEO of RawVoice.

TPN Round Table #2 2012 WordPress Plugins Recomendations

In this Round Table Jeffrey from Geekazine.com shares his recommendations for wordpress plugins. Todd Cochrane of GeekNewsCentral.com talks about PowerPress 3.0 and the new Meta Marks feature along with an assortment of other new features..

PowerPress Podcasting Plugin Updated

My team at RawVoice this morning released version 2.0 of the PowerPress Podcast plugin for WordPress. The work committed to this update was well over 1 month of coding. I have been running the beta here at Geek News Central for several weeks, and many of you have already commented on the new video player experience as being superior to what you have seen on other podcasters websites. Now that the update has been made available to the 80,000 podcaster worldwide we are excited to watch the implementation across the web.

Folks making video will want to check out the new HTML5 video player, WebM support and Embeds feature! PowerPress 2.0 provides an optimized viewing experience for the widest spectrum of hardware/software including  web browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari), mobile devices (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Android), and TV’s (e.g. Google TV, Roku, Boxee).

Some of the new features and enhancements include:

  • HTML5 video player
  • HTML5 audio player
  • Embeds your audience can take with them just like YouTube.
  • WebM video support
  • Ogg audio/video support improvements
  • MP4+WebM (for mp4/m4v video, a new alternative WebM URL field is available. This is ideal for supporting all browser based HTML5 video players)
  • Flow Player Classic can now play m4a audio and mp4/m4v video
  • New Video Player settings page added
  • Settings pages enhanced with new options such as location, frequency and T.V. options
  • Episode Entry box enhanced with new ‘isHD’ option when video entered into Media URL box
  • Episode Entry box now includes option to configure video player width/height on a per-episode basis
  • Upload image option added to supplement the video poster image field. Images are uploaded to the built-in image gallery in WordPress.
  • Plus a number of improvements

I have created a short video on some of the coolest features and hope you will take a few minutes to overview the update. Please note that the video embed below is from the actual posting on our official PowerPress site. No longer do we need Blip or YouTube we can share our content from our sites with the embed feature.

Make sure you Upgrade today!

See You at Blogworld and New Media Expo!

This will be the 5th year my team from RawVoice has exhibited at BlogWorld and New Media Expo. It is where we go put names and talent to faces, and is where we have a chance for us to give back and share our wisdom on where New Media is headed. For those that attend it is 3 days of information packed sessions, networking and in many cases a reunion with folks you only get to see once or twice a year.

In Booth 516 we will be sharing not only what we do but also about the new media distribution platforms. The media space is changing at a rapid pace, and we will get you dialed in on where it is headed and how to stay on the right track.

On Saturday, I will be presenting at a track that is entitled “The Triple Play Streaming, Podcasting and Blogging as a way to accelerate your Shows Growth and Distribution” please add my session to you list of session to attend. The title of the session is a mouthful for sure, but let me share with you a little of what I will discuss and why you should attend.

The past 12 months have seen an evolution in the blogging, podcasting and streaming media space, I will lay out a formula, to growing your audience and talk about the new distribution platforms. I will share trade secrets and strategies of podcasting that only my 6 years of experience behind the mic can impair. I will tie this all together and you will walk away understanding the importance of streaming your shows and how it is the gateway to Over the Top TV. I will show you how I grew an already large audience by 150% in 9 months with the Triple Play. I will show you how content distribution channels like the Roku, Boxee and coming Google TV is changing New Media and what to expect over the next 5 years.

This will be the most important session you will want to attend at the show, I don’t say this lightly because some of the things I will reveal are going to make you re-think your media strategy for the next 36 months.

In another session, My partners Angelo Mandato and Brian Yuhnke are going to get down to basics with you in a fun session entitled “Blogging and Podcasting Sitting in a Tree… Optimizing a WordPress site for your Podcast” this will get into the nitty-gritty of what many content creators ignore. Find out what causes the cream to rise to the top, you may be surprised at how easy it really is through tweaks, tips and tricks of getting your site dialed in to make sure your listeners and viewers can tune in.

If you have not purchased your plane tickets or pass to BlogWorld and New Media Expo you need to get off you butt and do so now! This is  “the event” to be at, if you are podcaster, blogger and fall into any category of user-generated content. Unlike the disarray and forking happening at Podcamps across the country if you want to focus on New Media this is the show you need to be at. See you in Vegas!

Podcast Publishing refined with PowerPress and Blubrry Hosting

I want to break down just how much time the PowerPress Podcast Plugin and Blubrry Hosting has saved me when I publish my podcast. Most of us are so busy today anytime we can get some time back through new tools and more efficient ways that it is worth sharing.

Disclaimer my company RawVoice  is the company behind Blubrry.com and the PowerPress plugin, everyone’s publishing process will be slightly different but from my perspective this was well worth sharing.

I have had a set routine for publishing my podcast over the past 5 years that I have followed for over 480 shows after with little variation. That routine has changed since we rolled out our new tools let me give you a comparison so you can see where the deltas are. first let’s look at old way I did the show.

  • Show Material Preparation 1Hour
  • Tricaster, Ustream, Adobe Audition, Show Intro prep 10 Minutes
  • Announcing Live Event on Twitter and Facebook 5 Minutes
  • Podcast Recording 75 Minutes
  • Saving Recorded Audio 5 Minutes
  • Filling in ID3 Tags 5 Minutes
  • Uploading Podcast to Server and Creating Show Notes 30 Minutes
  • Announcing Show on Twitter and FaceBook 5 Minutes
  • Sending NewsLetter to Audience Members 5 Minutes

Total Time for Show Production 3:20 Minutes

Here is the comparison using WP, PowerPress, Blubrry Uploader, Blubrry Hosting and our publishing Tools.

  • Show Material Preparation 1Hour
  • Tricaster, Ustream, Adobe Audition, Show Intro prep 10 Minutes
  • Announcing Live Event on Twitter and Facebook 5 Minutes
  • Podcast Recording 75 Minutes
  • Saving Recorded Audio 5 Minutes
  • No longer fill in ID3 Tags Blubrry Hosting Does that for me automatically! 0 Minutes
  • Publish Media 3 Step Publishing 20 Minutes
  • Announcing new Show available Twitter 0 Minutes (Automatically Done by Blubrry)
  • Announcing new Show available on Facebook 2-3 Minutes
  • Sending NewsLetter to Audience Members 0 Minutes (Automatically Done by Blubrry)

Total time for new show production 2:58

I would have never thought that I could shave that much off my Podcast Publishing Time. Some people may say what’s the big deal, well when you are recording a show twice a week saving 20 minutes or more is huge when you look at the time savings over a year or more. But honestly here is the bottom line, as I walked out of the Studio over the past couple of weeks my wife has been saying wow your finished already!This was motivation enough to do some in-depth comparisons.

Tech Podcast Round Table this Saturday!

Please join me on Saturday May 30, 2009 – 4pm Eastern – 1pm Pacific

For three presentations

Will be a educational event. I hope that you will join us for the live event. There will be time for live questions after each segment, and an open mic afterwords to combine the topics with listeners.

The event will also be streamed live on uStream.tv, on SDRNews.com, and GeekNewsCentral.com

To participate in the Round Table is very simple, 15 Minutes before we start Simply Click this link! GotoMeeting will load automatically and then you can then choose to either dial in, or participate with a headset via VOIP.

GotoMeeting is the official sponsor of the Tech Podcasts Round Table you can get a free no credit card required trial at www.gotomeeting.com/techpodcasts

GNC-2009-05-29 #481 I lead off with PowerPress Update

Ok folks we have a Round Table coming up this weekend I hope you will stop by for the show. Details on the blog at TechPodcasts.com. Covered a lot of ground on this show ending with some amazing news about a Dutch music organization!

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