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Mushroom Networks Joins NewTek Developer Network

Mushroom NetworksMushroom Networks,a company that is based in San Diego, California, has joined the NewTek Developer Network. This enables Mushroom Networks’ Streamer 3G/4G wireless bonding device to be fully integrated with NewTek’s line of TriCaster multi-media live video production cameras.

The Mushroom Network’s Streamer can bond up to eight cellular data cards to enable fast and reliable live streaming. The integration allows TriCaster to plug directly into the Streamer. This enables live video streaming from remote locations using 3G/4G cellular data cards – without any loss of TriCaster’s advanced production features.

Users can seamlessly operate the two products (the TriCaster and the Streamer) without the need for any involved configuration. Together, the combination provides an easy way for professionals and amateurs to create, produce, and stream live video content.

Streamer utilizes bonding technology that is optimized to stream video to web via aggregated 3G/4G wireless data cards. Webcasters can plug in the encoded video and audio feed from their encoder or video, add the USB modem cellular air cards to the Streamer, and start streaming high-resolution and high frame rate video to the web.

Mushroom Unveils Streamer PRO at NAB

Web-based video is growing at an almost daily pace, including live-streaming video from events of all kinds, such as sports, concerts, trade shows, and more.  Today at the National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas Mushroom Networks unveiled their latest offering for the live video market – the Streamer PRO.

“Streamer PRO delivers the ability to stream high-quality video from any location, to any content delivery network (CDN) using any digital video camera.”

The Streamer PRO utilizes both 3G and 4G connections in harmony within one streaming connection to handle the demands of live video streaming.  It comes with a built-in adaptive video encoder, so webcasters will only need their camera, and no longer be required to carry a separate encoder for content streaming.

The Streamer PRO is available today from www.mushroomnetworks.com.

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