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Switch Lighting

Switchlighting Switch Lighting was the winner of CES Innovation Award for Design and Engineering Award a CES 2013 for their latest LED three-way bulb,

What makes the Switch bulbs special is that they are filled with liquid silicon. This helps to keep them cooler than most LED bulbs. Because they are cooler the Switch lighting bulbs can be used in places that other LED bulbs can not like enclosed areas. Switch bulbs work like an incandescent light bulb, they are dimmable and spread the light out broadly. The newest bulb that won the award is the first three-way LED bulb.

Switch is based in California. Their bulbs range from $40.00-$60.00 and are available through speciality retail store. Their bulbs should last up to twenty-five years and are recyclable. At this time Switch Lighting mainly sells to businesses and government organizations.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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Profoto’s ProDaylight 400 and ProDaylight 200 Announced

How something is lit can make the difference between an ok photo or video and a great one, that is where Profoto comes in. Profoto is a leading manufacturer of professional photography lighting and Light Shaping tools. They announced at NAB (National Association of Broadcast Show) that they are releasing two new products the ProDaylight 200 Air and ProDaylight 400 Air. These are versions of the ProDaylight Air 800 which was released in 2011. The 200 and 400 are smaller and lighter, but still powerful and sturdy. A great thing about both of these devices is that they do not require a fan to keep them cool. If you have ever tried to shoot a video with sound you know how irritating the sound coming from a fan can be. They also can be controlled remotely by a controller that can sit in the palm of your hand.

Both the 200 and the 400 ProDaylight Air products are HMI lights which are ideal for most photo and video shoots. They are a continuous light source that compliments both photo and video shoots. Profoto is also introducing ballasts to work with these devices, the ProBallast 200 and ProBallast 400. Pro-ballast will automatically recognizes when a ProDaylight 200 Air or a ProDaylight 400 Air has been connected and will adjust itself accordingly. The ProBlast is multi-voltage and flicker free. If you are NAB you can see these and other Profoto products at booth #C8217. If you can’t make it to NAB you can see their products at their Web site.

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Verbatim Demos LED Bulbs at The Gadget Show

Verbatim LED LightsVerbatim are best known for their data storage products and I can remember having piles of Verbatim floppy disks back in the day, as it were. Younger readers will know the company for blank DVDs, memory cards and USB memory sticks but Verbatim have recently launched an LED lighting business.

Offering direct plug-in replacements, the goal is to encourage consumers to replace existing incandescent lights with LED-based equivalents. The power savings can be considerable with 60 W bulbs being replaced by LEDs closer to 10 W in power.

Verbatim LED Lighting Demo

At The Gadget Show Live, Ian tells me more about Verbatim’s LED lighting products and why we should all switch over.