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Joe Rogan’s podcast disappears from Spotify for unknown reasons

Joe Rogan has been in the news a lot lately, mostly not for good reasons. It began mostly with his stance against the Covid-19 vaccination and the accusations of the hype he gave to alternative medicine, along with providing a platform for people with questionable beliefs. 

It reached a peak when a video was compiled and released of about twenty of the countless times, he has used a particular racist slur during the course of his shows, some of which have since been removed from the Spotify database. He then garnered more attention just a few days ago with his history of homophobic slurs coming to light. 

People began calling for the removal of his show from the Spotify airwaves, but, despite the protest departures of high-profile musicians like Neil Young, did not happen. Spotify, having reportedly invested $200 million in the contract, declined to take him off. 

However, today the show disappeared from the music company’s library without any explanation. It isn’t just missing a new episode, all past ones are also gone. 

Without any comment thus far from the broadcaster, it’s impossible to speculate on why the show is gone. Did Spotify intentionally remove it or is it simply a system problem on their end? We would expect an announcement soon.