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Sending It Up

Any seasoned watcher of Indiegogo and Kickstarter will know that there’s a fairly standard formula for product pitches, from the vocal inflections to the disembodied hands. This gives a great opportunity for lampooning those start-ups that take themselves entirely too seriously. Here’s Introducing Carrot, a new venture dedicating to bringing the orange root vegetable to the technorati. Not sure why they didn’t go with Carrt….

If that’s not enough, Ikea’s BookBook, is both a fabulous parody while promoting a real product. Total genius, though it has been around for a little while.

Finally, Mike Frey‘s My Life Vs…GoPro is a great antidote to GoPro’s videos, jumpcutting between their adrenaline-fuelled action and mundane reality.

All too true.

Ubuntu Edge Fails Crowdfund Goal – What Failed?

edge-1[1]It was an ambitious number. Even though they had 13,232 people back with $12,813,501, the Ubuntu Edge did not reach its goal of $32 million dollars.

The Ubuntu Edge was a concept open source phone using the Ubuntu OS. The phone was planned to dual-boot Android and Ubuntu mobile and almost double the specs of an iPhone or Android.

The Canonical team posted on their Indigogo page that although they didn’t make the goal, they did break records. $12 million was the worlds’ biggest fixed crowdfunding campaign. The pebble watch was the current holder of that record with $10 million.

Does Ubuntu Edge Still Win?

With Indigogo, they have a choice of  Flexible funding or Fixed funding. Ubuntu Edge didn’t reach their goal and their campaign is Fixed funding. Therefore, all backers will get their money back, but might be on a email list when Canonical decides to do this again.

So going back to that previous statement – they DIDN’T raise $12 million because of the fixed funding. So did they really break the record since it failed?

Things for Canonical to Think About on the Next Crowdfund

  1. 32 million is probably too much to ask at this point. $10 million would have been better
  2. Flexible funding would have ensured the phone would have gotten started
  3. Canonical did not post any estimated release dates, which might have put some off. If I have to wait a whole year to get the phone, what good is touting features that surpass iOS and Android?

Final Pick of the Day

Techpodcast NetworkIt’s a last day of CES, Jeffrey Powers, Andy McCaskey, Alltante Sparks and Daniel Lewis gets together and talks about what they saw during the event. There were somethings that wowed them and some disappointments. They all found some small company doing inventive things and that is what they concentrated on. The average price point that they saw was around $119. Then they talked about the various pics of the day.

The first pic by Allante Sparks is a fun pic is not really a tech thing but is certainly something a lot tech people would want and that’s an Ironman suit.

The second pick by Daniel Lewis of Audacity to Podcast was from a company called Nady Systems and it is a Bluetooth wireless audio module. It is the BTM series and at this point is not yet available on their website. What this module will allow you to do is plug-in any microphone, including an XLR microphone and then pair that microphone with your computer, iPad or iPhone wirelessly using Bluetooth. This device will run about $169.90 availability is unknown.

After talking about a problem he had with a certain companies pr representative, Andy McCaskey then talked about a product he really loved called Stick N Find. It is a Bluetooth device that is the size of a quarter and about an eighth of an inch thick. You can stick the device on anything you want to track. The device is then paired up with an app on your phone. It will work with either Android or iOS. You can have it track if something is out of range or within range of the apps. For example, let’s say you always lose your keys.  You can put the sticker on your key and when you lose your key you simply tap on the app and as you move toward your keys it will start to beep and get louder the closer you get. Another example let’s you have a child that wanderers a lot you can place the sticker on something they carry all the time and if they get out of a certain range from you the app will start beeping. This was a Indiegogo project originally they asked for $70,000 they ended up getting over $931,000. One sticker runs $25 and you can get a pack of 10 for $199.

The final pick of the day was the best of all and that was Jeffrey Power’s pick it was the TechPodcast booth and all the great people who worked hard all week to keep it up and running.

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